Blue Star Mom of Indiana Chapter 1 NP Courage Rock.JPG (6108410 bytes)

Courage Rock Stable

NP Enter the Garden.JPG (6440028 bytes)

Enter the Garden Club & Community Garden

NP Girl Scouts 1285.JPG (5838293 bytes)

Girl Scout Troop1285

NP Happy Tails.JPG (5345385 bytes)

Happy Tails Animal Care Center

NP WC Literacy Volunteers.JPG (5078489 bytes)

Literacy Volunteers of White County

NP Kiwanis.JPG (4362351 bytes)

Monticello Kiwanis Club 

NP SOMA.JPG (4867185 bytes)

Streets of Monticello Association

NP Tri Kappa.JPG (6212728 bytes)

Tri Kappa  Monticello

NP White County GOP.JPG (5735286 bytes)

White County GOP

NP White County Veterans.JPG (5740899 bytes)

White County Veterans Service Office